私たちハビタットインターナショナル連合居住権・土地権ネットワーク(the Housing and Land Rights Network of Habitat International Coalition)では、あなたの管理下において最近、渋谷区宮下公園のホームレスが退去させられ所有物が奪われる不幸な出来事について知るにいたりました。私たちと構成団体は、40年前に当団体が設立されて以来、より長い期間にわたってオリンピック主催準備のために開催都市とその行政が強制退去を行うことが恒例化してきたことも知っています。東京オリンピック計画のために、都は現在、都市貧困層の扱いに関して世界的な精査の対象となっておりますが、宮下公園での強制退去の後はそれが強まるでしょう。






Dear Mayor Hasabe:

We at the Housing and Land Rights Network of Habitat International Coalition have learned of the unfortunate recent evictions and dispossession of homeless people under your administration at Miyashita Park in Shibuya Ward. We and our constituents also have learned over the longer period since our establishment 40 years ago how cities and their administrations have established a pattern of committing forced evictions in preparations to host the Olympic Games. Because of Tokyo’s Olympic plans, the city is currently under close global scrutiny for its treatment of the urban poor, and will even more so after the forced evictions at Miyashita Park.

Previous report have claimed that local authorities previously promised to refrain from evictions, instead to engage in consultations over development plans. We already have seen such promises dishonored, severely diminishing the credibility of public servants in Tokyo.

Please know that, as local government authority, you and your staff bear a treaty-bound obligation to refrain from forced evictions as a gross violation of human rights. Evictions, if ever lawful, must be conducted only as a last resort and under the minimum standards and conditions provided in international law. That obligation prevails even in the case where national legislation is silent.

With the treatment of poor citizens as shown in the recent events at Miyashita Park, Tokyo, in particular, Shibuya Ward is developing a reputation inconsistent with human rights norms to which its public institutions are bound, as well as with the Olympic spirit and principles of solidarity and fair play.

We look forward to learning about your efforts to cease all forced evictions within your jurisdiction and to extend reparation to those already subject to this gross violation carried out under your administration.


Joseph Schechla جوزيف شكلا  Coordinator منسّق
Housing and Land Rights Network
Habitat International Coalition


ハビタットインターナショナル連合居住権・土地権ネットワークは国連の経済社会理事会のSpecial Consultative Status(特殊諮問資格)を持っています。この資格のある団体は、国連の会議に正式に参加して、意見を述べることができます。

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